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ZEVE's Tiktok Affiliate Program

ZEVE's Tiktok Affiliate Program

Be A Men’s Fashion Influencer With Zeve’s Tiktok Affiliate Program

At Zeve, we understand that fashion is more than just clothing; it's an expression of individuality, confidence, and creativity. Our brand is built upon a foundation of quality craftsmanship, contemporary designs, and a commitment to empowering our community of style-conscious men.

Now, with our upcoming TikTok affiliate program, we're taking this empowerment to a whole new level by giving young aspiring content creators cum fashion enthusiasts the chance to become true fashion influencers and earn up to 20% commissions on each sale they generate!

What Does It Mean to Be Zeve’s Tiktok Affiliate? 

A Zeve Tiktok affiliate just simply means you promote Zeve’s products without ever having to keep the stocks while generating sales and commissions through making content on the platform. An avid Tiktok content creator with a passion for masculine fashion and a sense of style is just what we need.


What Benefits Do You Get As An Affiliate?

1. Commission

Our commission, as you can see below, surpasses most brands in Malaysia. So for those with a passion for fashion, start selling our products today! 

2. Free Samples

 How To Be An Affiliate Using Tiktok Shop?

To get yourself started as an affiliate, you only have to apply for Tiktok Shop on your existing Tiktok account. 

Step 1 : Go to your Tiktok account
Step 2 : Click on the three lines on the top right corner

    Step 3 : Click on ‘Creator Tools’
    Step 4 : Scroll down to ‘Creator Next’ categories, and then, this is where it gets a little confusing. 


      Generally, to open your Tiktok Shop you must be;

      a) A resident of Malaysia

      b) Over 18 years old.

      Then, there are two categories you can apply for depending on how you meet the requirements;

      a) For followers over 1000 :

      Apply through Tiktok Shop for Creators.

      b) For followers less than 1000 :

      Apply through Tiktok Shop for Sellers.

      Add ZEVE Products To Your Account and Start Promoting! 

      When you've finally created your Tiktok Shop, you can now browse through the product marketplace from your profile.



      What you can do next is find Zeve Shoes through the search bar and then you'll be able to choose within the range of our products you want to promote.


      On the page, you'll also be able to see the benefits and commissions you'll earn. Lastly, add those products to your shop and start your influencer journey!

      Congratulations, you're finally Zeve's Tiktok Affiliate!

      Wanna know more? Click the link to dive into the Tiktok Official FAQ Page

      Tiktok Affiliate Process





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