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Zeve Shoes' Second Store Grand Opening at The Grand Subang SS15

Zeve Shoes' Second Store Grand Opening at The Grand Subang SS15
Zeve Shoes, the popular local mens' footwear brand, had a grand opening for its second store at The Grand Subang SS15 on March 18, 2023. The event was a great success as a number of people assembled in front of the new store that Saturday morning to cash in on the attractive offers and the unmissable opportunity to inspect their products firsthand. 

The highlight of the grand opening however, was the gift voucher giveaway. Customers and interested visitors alike were all equally given the chance to win large cash vouchers amounting to RM500, RM300, and RM150 according to their order in line. Generously, the next hundred customers were also awarded with RM50 cash vouchers. These incentives attracted a lot of attention and excitement among loyal customers, and fashion enthusiasts.

Aside from the special offers, the grand opening also featured some admirers and avid followers of our founder, Mr. Zaid Arif. Customers were intrigued by the founder's journey in building the brand from scratch, and how Zeve Shoes has grown to become one of the most popular footwear brands in the country. The founder's commitment to quality, reflected in every pair of shoes that Zeve Shoes produces, has grown to be a calibre worthy of emulation.

The opening also saw a lot of customers seeking out advice on fashion trends and styling tips for various occasions such as for the upcoming Eid-ul Fitri celebration, festivities, weddings, and business events. Zeve Shoes' friendly and knowledgeable staff were more than happy to help customers find perfect shoes or clothes alike that suit their needs, ensuring a great shopping experience for the customers.


Countless individuals remarked that they had not expected such a high level of quality at such affordable prices. Zeve Shoes' products are known for their durability and style, and the customers who attended the grand opening highly favours the brand's identity and affordability that takes into consideration the life of the modern man. 


Zeve Shoes' grand opening left many awed and inspired, surrounded by the welcoming, hardworking presence of its team members which proves to show why they deserve their growing popularity as a footwear brand not just regionally but internationally as well. The grand opening was an exciting event that left a positive impression on everyone who attended, promising an expansion that surely leaves prospective and loyal customers, with an auspicious future to witness.
Here's the address to our brand new store location:
We, the Zeve team humbly invite you to come and experience our wide selection of products that are sure to meet your every need. 

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