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A Guide on Choosing The Perfect Wedding Suit

A Guide on Choosing The Perfect Wedding Suit

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming, exhausting and quite confusing. From wedding themes and settings to the choice of your suit, up till the very last details. Most often, grooms would simply pick the ‘traditional’ or ‘conventional’ choice of black tuxedos or basic neutral shades, yet, grooms have come to give more importance in ensuring their wedding day is memorable with a more carefully picked out suit. With that said, the options out there are rather intense as you consider a multitude of factors to finding the perfect one. 

With this guide, we’ve laid bare all the different facets that may influence your decision and hopefully make it easier for you to pick the ideal special ensemble for your big day. 

Factors to Consider:

  • Location/Settings:

    The first point of consideration that automatically comes into play, would usually be the location of the ceremony. Location often determines the fabric and colour of your attire. Typically an indoor ceremony would mean a formal setting, thus, requiring darker shades like black, grey, or blue. Meanwhile lighter tones are preferable for outdoor venues. For outdoor weddings, lightweight and breathable fabrics are often the favoured choice.


    Indoor or Grand Venues: 

    Indoor venues which are commonly held in hotels or wedding halls would require grand setups that match well with a formal dress code. Coveted suit options for this formality tend to lean more towards the classics like tuxedos, a three-piece or double-breasted suit in worsted wool. These classic options are sure to embody the luxurious character of the ceremony. 


    Outdoor Venue:
    Outdoor weddings on the other hand, presents a more laid- back atmosphere and theme. As such, casual outdoor weddings call for nonchalant yet stylish outfits. Embracing the open air and natural beauty, the attire of choice must then harmonize with the surroundings while ensuring comfortability and style remain uncompromised. 

    A two-piece suit in lighter shades like sand, beige, or pastels is a great choice. Ensuring the breathability of the fabrics like wool-silk-linen blends is one of the most important considerations while choosing the suit material as you’ll be expected to stay out in the sun, greeting your guests for a long time. 

    • Bride’s Gown:

    Your suit should complement your bride's gown and match the overall formality. Consider her gown style when selecting your suit to ensure a unified look.


    Extravagant Gown: If the gown is lavish, opt for an upscale suit like a tuxedo or a three-piece ensemble. This balances the formality and ensures both of you shine.



    Modern Gown: If your bride's gown has a playful twist such as a daytime wedding dress or a slip dress, you can experiment with less conventional suit styles, like a contrast jacket and pants in lighter hues.

    • Time of Day:

      The time of your wedding affects your suit color choice. Lighter colors work well for daytime ceremonies, while darker hues are suitable for evening events.

      • Functionality:

        Unlike bridal gowns, suits can have practical uses beyond the wedding. Opt for a timeless and versatile style that you can reuse and restyle for business or casual wear. Consider getting an extra pair of pants to extend the outfit's lifespan.

        With these considerations in mind, let's dive into the details of various wedding suit types.

        A Glimpse at Wedding Suit Styles

        • The Dapper Double-Breasted:

          For those seeking to command attention at formal gatherings, the double-breasted suit reigns supreme. This ensemble boasts an air of sophistication and is perfectly tailored for weddings and upscale business events.

          • The Timeless Single Breasted:

            A symphony of jacket, and trousers, the single breasted suit exudes a classic charm that gracefully bridges the gap between formality and versatility. Ideal for weddings and adaptable enough for the corporate world, this ensemble presents a canvas for individual flair.

            • The Elegance of the Tuxedo:

              Embrace the allure of the classic black tuxedo, a distinguished choice that effortlessly stands out. Tuxedos radiate sophistication, underscored by their distinctive lapel facings. Pair this ensemble with a white dress shirt, and you're primed to make a statement at black-tie events.

              As you embark on this expedition of choice, armed with insights into the nuances of suit selection, remember that your wedding attire isn't just a garment; it's an extension of your essence. Whether you gravitate towards the poised allure of a double-breasted suit, the enduring elegance of a single breasted ensemble, or the charismatic charm of a tuxedo, your selection should resonate with your unique spirit.


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