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KLFW '18 : Atelier Fitton X Zeve

KLFW '18 : Atelier Fitton X Zeve

Hello August!

The month of the most anticipated event! KL Fashion Week, here we go again.  

This year with the opportunity given by Atelier Fitton, we were able to participate in KLFW 2018.

It was the 3rd day of KLFW 2018, after the sun has set and the night is on. It was like the light at the end of a tunnel as the lights were focussed on the runway while people waiting excitedly for the show to start. As Atelier Fitton's black parade marched in, the crowds cheered exponentially.

Why Black?

The founder of Atelier Fitton better known as Joshua said that the colour black represents the theme "Broken" which is a collection inspired by the depression and anxiety ; how fashion is used as a means of a facade and a mask that we manipulate and hide behind. Joshua also said that they hope the collection will inspire and spark conversations on mental health issues.

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Enjoy the show! :)