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Who here is not excited about KL Fashion Week?

Before we continue splurging out details of KLFW 2018 (which we know all of you were most excited about), here is a brief introduction of the well-known brand, BENUA

BENUA CLOTHING were founded by Boy Nizar & Altimet in 2014. Their plan and focus was to fill in the gaps on the options available for Muslim Men. Their unique collections sets them apart from normal menswear where they present bold and fashionable menswear for formal and also casual look.

Back to KLFW 2018 - 

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week is not complete without bringing memories back to the runway. We are lucky to be part of it, thanks to Benua Clothing for this opportunity. 

This collection was inspired by Tun Mahathir Mohamad (Tun M) after the winning of the new government. Most of the clothing prints has the number 0905 which was the date for Tun M wins the country where the whole nation speaks about.

"Tun M just made these bush jackets look cool again" - Boy Nizar

So here are some of the runway looks for this collection, ENJOY!



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