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10 Brands You Never Knew Are From Malaysia via

10 Brands You Never Knew Are From Malaysia via

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10 Brands You Never Knew Are From Malaysia

Design in Malaysia is easily one of the understated and under-appreciated craft and topic for most of us. What many of us do not know is that there are actually a lot of designers, crafters and artisans who have created amazing original products. Beauty, prints, clothing, food... You name it, they've got it. Hunting down and discovering design across the border, we have got 10 Malaysian emerging brands that demands your attention right now.


1. Rojak Culture

Rojak Culture

Aiming to unite Malaysians, Rojak Culture is created to allow Malaysians from various cultures to participate in dialogues by playing The Lepak Game. The game concept is similar to Cards Against Humanity but of course, the content is Malaysia-centric, so expect lots of laughter and even screaming while playing the game!


2. a good reason

a good reason

Probably one of the most popular Risograph printers in Malaysia, a good reason helps budding designers with Risograph printing, while making and designing their own products seasonally, like the above Fish-Prawn-Crab (or Yu-Har-Hai), a game that many Chinese indulge in during Chinese New Year. 


 3. The Alphabet Press

The Alphabet Press

Speaking of printing, The Alphabet Press is one of the leading letterpress printing companies in Malaysia and it's not hard to understand why. With full dedication on perfecting every product, they have earned the love for letterpress among its audience. From in-house products to bespoke projects, these guys are definitely your go-to folks if you want to bring home something pretty and practical. 

Also available on Naiise. 


4. The Saponifist 


Channeling the dapper into beauty and grooming products, The Saponifist has skillfully handmade their line of soaps using the cold process method, superfatted sufficiently and incorporated with therapeutic botanicals and oils. Plus, they are environmentally friendly. Suffice to say, they have made sure the soap you purchase is worth every penny you paid. 


5. Medium Rare Eyewear 

Started in 2009, Medium Rare Eyewear is founded on the belief that one should not compromise fun, akin to their childhood. A peek into their eyewear collections definitely reminds us that style complements function, and the choice is yours to make. 

Also available on Naiise.


6. Zeve Shoes

Selling shoes is one thing, and selling handcrafted shoes is another. Zeve Shoes boasts of premium and finest leather dress shoes for men, twisting the perception and redefining the look and feel of dress shoes. With the carefully selected materials and the impeccable skills, these dress shoes are definitely a shoe addict's dream. 


7. DIDA Cosmetics

With makeup being all the hype right now, we are really thrilled to learn that DIDA Cosmetics is a brand within our reach. Founded with a "by women for women" notion, DIDA Cosmetics is formed to empower the ladies through beauty, giving them the ability to be who they want to be, because girls, we know how putting on makeup makes us so much better and more alive. 


8. Daya Botanica

daya botanica

The passion and interest in wellness, from an individual to the world we live in, kickstarted Daya Botanica's journey into the beauty scene. Believing in only selling quality products, Daya Botanica has put in a lot of effort in their research to ensure that their products are strictly plant-based, giving the consumers a peace of mind when they use the products. Plus, they also contribute a percentage of their profits to Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC), a Malaysia NGO that is dedicared to reforestation and conservation of endangered plant species. Awesome, guys!


9. Musotrees

When the wanderlust bug bites us hard, Musotrees will be the temporary remedy and take us on a virtual trip, away from work and school. Inspired by mobile photography and constant idea of travelling, this magazine features interviews and stories based on various themes per issue. 


10. Whimsigirl


"Minimal but not typical" - This speaks a lot about what Whimsigirl wants to achieve for kids' fashion. Not only that, they tell stories through the clothes they have designed, carving a deep impression and building high hopes on what kids' fashion can be.